Privacy policy

Effective from 1 may 2022


This Privacy Policy explains how SoonFasting collects, stores, uses, transmits and discloses personal data of users (« you ») related to SoonFasting website and mobile application SoonFasting.

We reserve the right to change this privacy policy at any time. If we make any significant changes, we will notify you via email, the new version of the application.

Your continued use of this application after the effective date of the updated version of the privacy policy will indicate your acceptance of the revised privacy policy. In some cases, you must explicitly accept changes to the privacy policy to continue using the application. We encourage you to check our website and applications regularly to get the latest information about our data privacy practices. If you do not accept the terms of the privacy policy, we ask you not to use the application. If you do not agree with the terms of this privacy policy, please exit the application immediately.

1. Personal data and information collected from you

Personal data you provided to us

When you register to use the application, we may collect your personal data, such as:

Name; Email; Gender; Age; Weight; Height;

When you use the application, you can choose to provide personal information about your health, such as dietary, fasting times;

The information we collect

When you use our application, it may collect the following information.

a. Device information, including information about the hardware model, operating system and its version, and a unique device identifier.

b. Location information, including IP address, time zone, and mobile service provider, allows us to infer your approximate location.

c. Application usage information, such as usage frequency, button click, page view, specific function tracking, etc.

Your consent

By creating a profile in the application, you expressly agree that:

We may store and process personal data that you provide through the use of the application and through the account creation process for the sole purpose of providing you with services, improving our service capabilities, and for other purposes specified in Section 2 of this privacy policy. Such services may include sending messages and reminders to you through the application or the email address you provide to us.

The personal data you provide to us through the account creation process includes the personal data you enter in the application, such as your account data (for example, your name and email address) and your health data (for example, body measurements, eating patterns, physical activity, and others). Depending on the data you provide, it may also contain your general health information (such as weight, body measurements, and others).

Unless otherwise specified in this privacy policy, we will not transfer any of your personal data to third parties. Please note that we will never share your exact age or any data related to your health with any third party.

2. How we use your personal data

We may use your information (including your personal data) for the following purposes, and according to the specified legal basis (as defined in the gdpr): A. analyze, operate, maintain and improve the application, and add new functions and services to the application (the legitimate interests of the company - Article 6.1 (f));b. Customize the content, insights and patterns you see when using the application (the legitimate interests of the company - Section 6.1 (f));c. Suggest changing your fasting program and eating pattern (the company's contractual obligations - Article 6.1 (b));

The sale of personal data is prohibited. We will not sell, lease or disclose your personal data.

3. Your rights

You can modify, correct, delete and update your personal data by writing to us via Please note that deleting some of the personal data you insert may affect your ability to use the application and its features.

The application enables you to access and update personal data in the application and your account settings. You have the right to ask us for information about whether you have any personal data. You only need to access your personal data through the following ways:

You can ask us to transfer your personal data to any other service provider in a structured and machine-readable format.

If you think that the processing of your personal data is illegal, or the legitimate interests of the company are invalid under certain circumstances, you may object to the processing of your personal data. In this case, you need to contact

We will exercise these rights within 30 days of receipt. In some cases, we may need up to 60 days, for example, to completely erase your personal data stored in the backup system. If we need more time, we will inform you and explain the reason for the delay.

4. Share your personal data

We hire processors to perform specific operations on your personal data for us. Here is a list of our main processors:



Processor privacy policy

Third-party SDK


Third-party SDK


Third-party SDK


Third-party SDK


Infrastructure and security

Amazon Web Services

5. Keep your personal data

As long as your account is active or needs to provide services for you, we will retain your personal data only when it is used for the processing purposes specified in Section 2 of this privacy policy. You may delete your personal data at any time in accordance with section 3 of this privacy policy.

If you delete data from your account, you will no longer see it in the application, but due to the technical solution we use, some data backups may remain in our archive server for a reasonable period of time. However, we undertake to delete any such backups within a reasonable period of time.

6. Safety

We use the following information security measures to protect your personal data: a. encrypt your personal data during transmission and rest; b. System vulnerability scanning and penetration test; c. Protect data integrity;

The way we process information is compatible with and relevant to the purpose for which it is collected.

7. Data protection specialist

To contact our data protection specialist, please email